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Tasuke's best friend - Kyo Makana by KlerdiJohnson Tasuke's best friend - Kyo Makana by KlerdiJohnson
name : Kyo Makana
work as Military's member at sodier
D.O.B : 18 /12 at Oma
hair color : red 
eyes color : green 
interesting : woman's body. 
hate : any guys makes girl cry
- Kyo was a son of two sodier ( Rico's friend too ) , Yuki Makana and Ryoko Izumino. When he was a kid, he live in the poor house. With parent's help, Kyo can continue complete his study in elementary school
- 6 ages :only Kyo was moved to Tokyo and study at Stukanaga. Kyo live at the apartment which Tasuke's mom was living before she get married. Meet Touya and Tasuke and become best friend
- Part-time jobs: news paper delivery. Because he was a kid soo the boss give him the bonus and said he can delivery milk instead new paper. 
- His score is middle, like Tasuke. He never care about the score much ... 
- 12 ages : Touya bring Kizu to his appartment. Kyo live with Kizu and become the only one can make Kizu have emotion in that time. Even that Emotion is always angry but Kizu become little, litlle emotional when live with Kyo. Kyo feel that he want everyone around him never be alone or feel lonely like Kizu does and Kyo want people must think good about YAnkee ( bad school guy ), he makes a club named Wild Cat. In the first time, just 5 people signin including Tasuke, Touya, Kizu. But after that, more and more people get in that club. Kyo swear to all member that he will make theis future become more bright and the first thing he can do in that time is the score. member's study score was getting better and better in every times. 
- 15 ages : sign in Military's member, at sodier's part. fall in love with Kizuno Azukawa.  He doesnt know about his father's loan
Part-time jobs : bar club's body guard
- 17 afes : his father die in the mission's accident. His body was all bured. Kyo has a big shock when he know about the loan. Because of the loan, his mom have to quit the job and beome anothet person's wife for it. Kyo feel that he want money, want it soo bad that he can give up in school and get more mission in military just for this. Touya said that his family will help him to bring his mom come back, Kyo cold out and continue study but his score is worse. 
- Because of Kizu's father, the loan is over.  
- His mom has a baby with that person. Kyo is schocked and want that kid die. Kyo talk to Kizu that he want Kizu make that kid die, that kid have to die. Kizu dont do that and yell to him " You helped me before! You said that the blood inside me is OK. That lie, right!? Idiot!" After that, Kyo calm down and raise that kid with his mom but he still say " I love my mom so I do this " 
- 18 ages, he is moved to America Military group. 
- get married with Kizuno Azukawa in 24 ages bring her. After Kizu die, Kyo bring his wife with Kizu'son , Mizuno Azukawa and Katsu to America 
- have son named Kido.
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JutaWi Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another friend, nice :)
KlerdiJohnson Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am doing Kizu's profile ^^, stranlate that in English ^^ 
actuall, I like Kyo because he has a warm heart Thought he is hot head but he still think for every one :D 
JutaWi Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I understand :)
That's good
KlerdiJohnson Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hehhe hehe . umh 
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